Below you can download precompiled binaries for the latest releases and read the changelog between each version. See our installation instructions for details.

OpenVAF 23.2.0 (2023-2-2)

openvaf_23_2_0_windows_amd64.zipWindows x86-64 executable
openvaf_23_2_0_linux_amd64.tar.gzLinux x86-64 executable
To be added in the futureWindows x86-64 installer
To be added in the futureDebian x86-64 package
To be added in the futureREHL x86-64 package

Breaking Changes

  • Removed LLD integration which made packaging exceptionally difficult and caused crashes on Windows in some cases. OpenVAF now requires that the system linker (and msvcrt.lib when targeting windows) is available.


  • Correctly detect file encoding.
  • Improve diagnostic messages.
  • Removed error when a user defined function is used with $limit.
  • Correctly parse net declarations without attached discipline (ground).
  • Fix crash when a model contains no branch contributes.
  • Fix crash when the associated current of a voltage source is unused.
  • Fix crash for parameters with exclude expressions.
  • Fix crash when using instance parameters.
  • Fix swapped signatures for slew and transition.
  • Take into account aliasparam declarations .

OpenVAF 22.12.0 (2022-12-16)

openvaf_22_12_0_windows_amd64.zipWindows x86-64 executable
openvaf_22_12_0_linux_amd64.tar.gzLinux x86-64 executable