OpenVAF Beta Launch

Posted December 16, 2022 by Pascal Kuthe ‐ 1 min read

Today, after long development, we have finally reached a long awaited development milestone: A beta version of OpenVAF is now available to a limited group of people. Furthermore, we are also launching a first version of the OpenVAF website which contains documentation, examples, technical details and benchmarks.

While we are proud of what OpenVAF can do today, there is a long journey ahead of us as we continue to improve both OpenVAF and the documentation. OpenVAF already outperforms all other Verilog-A compilers that have been benchmarked by us. Furthermore, support for OSDI is available in the ngspice pre-master branch today and will be included in the ngspice 39 release.

If you don't mind building the Ngspice pre-master branch yourself, you can already try out some OpenVAF examples.