OpenVAF is a Next-Generation Verilog-A compiler that empowers the open source silicon revolution.

Get started with OpenVAF

Blazing fast simulation

Compact models compiled with OpenVAF simulate significantly faster than those compiled with other Verilog-A compilers.

Standard compliant and correct

Compact models that adhere to the Verilog-A standard require no modifications to work with OpenVAF.

User friendly

OpenVAF features state-of-the-art compilation error reporting for Verilog-A source files. Never guess where a problem came from again!

100% Open source

OpenVAF comes under the GPL license and therefore can serve as an independent implementation that can push forward Verilog-A integration in the semiconductor industry.

Fast model compilation

OpenVAF compiles models ten times faster than alternatives used in commercial and open-source circuit simulators. This enables compact model development and shipment of Verilog-A models as part of PDKs.

Highly flexible

OpenVAF is designed to be integrated with simulators that have vastly different architectures and also supports advanced simulation algorithms like harmonic balance.